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Why Choose Us

CAVEC is a training centre for extensive learning and teaching. We provide an online and offline facility where students can learn with a personal touch to hone their skills as well as learn new ones in order to attain employability as a skilled professional in other countries. We offer special training for caregivers, nurses etc. and have a successful placement experience of over 3 decades in sectors such as travel and hospitality.

CAVEC brings you one of a kind of enrollment system where anyone can enroll with us. After completing documentation and successfully registering with us the student will have access to CAVEC calendar, syllabus, e-handbook, upcoming events and its certification when the course is completed. Other than the conventional framework, we are taking on headways in the training frameworks and teaming up and looking after new institutions.

Focus on Job Oriented Courses

Gain the knowledge and skills necessary to provide effective care to any clients or family members that you may and in your care by studying the course in Caregiving. This course will cover a broad range of topics that will help you become a successful carer eligible and certified for the jobs in different sectors and countries.

Fully Equipped Training Centre in the
Capital City

CAVEC is situated in the heart of the capital city, minutes away from the New Delhi railway station and seconds away from the nearest metro station, making connectivity in and around Delhi-NCR a cake walk.

Dedicated Centralized Placement Division

CAVEC guides you through the placement process, through a dedicated centralized placement division. We have trained agents that assist you with the process of applying for jobs.

We Love to Help

We have a unit that helps you in your basic necessities during your course like accommodation.

Verification & Eligibility

We have a separate section to verify all the documents. Whether the candidate is eligible to travel to other countries or not.

Worldwide Acceptance of Certification

Our strategically organized training programs are recognized on an international level as we teach application-focused & job-oriented content in our curriculum.


We offer recruitment assistance for various positions and profiles such as caregivers, nurses, front office executives, managerial level jobs and housekeeping.

We have created stories of immense worth around the life of our students by turning it around for them.

We strive to create your stories through our rigorous training programs & dedicated teaching staff.

Our aim to prepare a cadre of trained caregivers who will provide quality care in various areas of disabilities ranging from infancy to old age.