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Every student dreaming to study abroad and make a glorious future has different requirement to complete the process. On the basis of their individual need, our dedicated student counseling team assist them in becoming aware of every aspect of studying abroad such as his/ her interests, evaluating previous studies as well as working experiences, to independently make future study and career choices. The student counselor also assist the student to enhance his / her ability to independently collect and evaluate information regarding study and career questions so that they can make well-informed decisions regarding their possibilities regarding their studies within universities, various professions as well as in the job market in general.


Student recruitment has never been an easy task for the big institutions. However, with dominating digitalization, recruitment strategies have also been affected hugely and made t h e scenario more complicated. The institutions have to rely on one or other sort of resource for recruiting their prospective students. But we at CAVEC believe that the procedure of student recruitment does not have to be complicated or out of the reach of institutions.

The recruitment of students for college includes:-

1.Analyzing and defining the academic requirements

2.Attracting students via high-level marketing and communication

3.Operating closely with marketing, accounting and coordination departments to grab student’s attention.s

4.Screening and selection of the right candidates.

5.Helping the selected students with Visa application.

6.Looking after final application and enrollment program

7.Introduction and settlement of new students into the college

8.Following up with the students whenever required.

9.NEET exams


However, the candidate has to qualify NEET to appear for the screening process.

Since the procedure is long, it’s difficult to keep a track of it for the institutions, and that’s why a recruitment firm has a crucial role to play. We at CAVEC do it for them, by helping find well-qualified students for their education programs, to maintain their revenue as well as prestige..

Moreover, besides the traditional system, we are adopting advancements in the education systems and collaborating and looking after new institutions.